Sustainability Leader, Royal Paper, Boosts Capacity with Additional Investment

NEW CANAAN, CT, April 30, 2020 – Gridiron Capital, LLC (“Gridiron Capital”), a leading investment firm focused on partnering with founders, entrepreneurs, and management teams, is pleased to announce that Royal Paper has invested in a new Gambini-supplied Flex 700 Swing rewinder line.  The Flex 700 will soon be installed and running at Royal Paper’s Arizona-based facility.  The Flex 700 is a top-level line for making consumer products and also features the TouchMax.

Royal Paper consistently demonstrates a commitment to provide the best quality products at the most competitive prices, produced with the most ecologically sustainable state of the art technology and delivered with exceptional service.  Royal Paper has the first proprietary Reverse Osmosis Technology and Membrane Bioreactor Water Filtration System in the United States.  This system allows the company to recover and reuse 50% of the water used in the paper making process.

Royal Paper’s unwavering commitment to Quality, Integrity, and Sustainability throughout every facet of the production process has led to recognition from leading industry standard-bearers, including The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Green Seal and Rainforest Alliance, who have all certified Royal Paper products.  Royal Paper is also a leader in recycled products with recognition from independent 3rd parties such as Consumer Reports.  Royal Paper’s Earth First products are made from 100% recycled paper, 80% Grade A, post-consumer waste and are hypoallergenic.  The brand is also whitened without chlorine bleaching, free from dyes, inks, and fragrances, and meets or exceeds all EPA standards.

Kevin Jackson, Managing Partner of Gridiron Capital said, “Royal Paper leverages technology to provide a valuable product, at affordable prices, with a focus on sustainability.”

Will Hausberg, Managing Director of Gridiron Capital added, “At Gridiron we strive to get better at what we do every day and Royal Paper exemplifies that attitude.”

Kevin Otero, CEO of Royal Paper added, “With a state-of-the-art Paper Mill, and Production & Manufacturing facilities strategically located in the Southwest, Royal Paper is uniquely positioned to service clients at all delivery points with a full range of high-quality paper products that consistently meet or exceed national brand standards.”

About Royal Paper:
Established in 1992, and headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Royal Paper is a leading vertically integrated private label consumer packaged goods company focused on tissue manufacturing with a strong market position in the Southwest and across national customers.

About Gridiron Capital:
Gridiron Capital is an investment firm focused on partnering with founders, entrepreneurs, and management teams, and creating value by building middle-market companies into industry-leaders in branded consumer, B2B and B2C services, and niche industrial segments in the United States and Canada. We help transform growing companies by winning together through hard work, partnerships grounded in shared values and a unique culture that comes from hands-on experience building and running businesses. As a team led by former operators and entrepreneurs, we know what it takes to run successful businesses on a day-to-day basis. Additional information is available on the firm’s website:

Press Contacts: 
Thomas A. Burger Jr., Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Gridiron Capital, LLC


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