Winning Together
McKenzie Sports Products, Inc.
HQ: Granite Quarry, NC
Date of Investment: August 2006
Industry: Branded Consumer

Company Overview

McKenzie is the leading taxidermy supply manufacturer and marketer in the United States.

Growth Opportunity

  • Develop and roll out additional and more innovative products
  • Pursue accretive tuck-in acquisition opportunities and consolidate taxidermy supply industry
  • Develop contact databases and increase direct digital marketing
  • Acquire and integrate Van Dyke’s, the number two player in the industry
  • Implement LEAN and cost reduction initiatives across the Company

Gridiron Advantage

  • Previous experience in new product development, tuck-in acquisitions, and the ability to leverage online marketing opportunities

Winning Together

  • Gridiron supported more than 155% growth during their partnership with McKenzie
  • Developed new product lines which had a meaningful impact and generated gross margins in excess of 50%
  • Upgraded website, to provide access to the entire catalog, online ordering and customer service
  • Acquired four tuck-in acquisitions in addition to the acquisition and integration of McKenzie’s largest competitor
  • Opened a Western US warehouse, realigned the manufacturing and distribution footprint, consolidated facilities and achieved cost reductions in shipping, production, sourcing, and SG&A

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