Winning Together
Leaf Home™
HQ: Hudson, OH
Date of Investment: September 2016
Industry: Branded Consumer


Leaf Home™ is the leading tech-enabled, Direct-To-Consumer home solutions business, providing branded home solutions. Leaf Home’s innovative products enhance the safety, enjoyment, and comfort of homeowners and their families and protect and improve the appearance and value of the home.  Customers value the quality products and the exceptional service delivered through the end-to-end DTC sales and service model.  Leaf Home’s proprietary, data-driven platforms for marketing, customer service, field services and talent management driven by their “Today-Not-Tomorrow” culture underpin their competitive advantage and high, sustained growth.


  • Continue to scale the platform across all the critical business processes to increase capabilities and bandwidth to drive significant growth in gutter protection and other high-value offerings to the homeowner.
  • Continue to launch new verticals that leverage Leaf Home’s capabilities and provide value directly to the homeowner.


  • Experience and prior successes enhancing leadership teams and building scalable organizations, focusing on talent recruitment and training, managing new product development, implementing digital marketing and data analytic practices, and third-party trade management.
  • Relevant and additive board members from Gridiron BOBE that bring expertise in direct to consumer, digital marketing, and other consumer sales and marketing disciplines.


  • Gridiron has supported more than 1,000% organic growth in the last four years.
  • Supported leadership in promoting internal talent, expanding management capabilities, and recruiting leaders with additional expertise.
  • Focused on scaling the organization and building stronger capabilities; building a platform to support higher growth in existing business and launching three new business verticals that provide valued services to the homeowner.
  • Expanded the total addressable market for Leaf HomeTM significantly through new product development.
  • Accelerated new sales office location expansion from 30 offices to over 125 locations through a fast payback, repeatable process while creating over 6,100 jobs.
  • Significantly grew in-house digital marketing capabilities while successfully adding TV and Radio marketing channels to exponentially increase and diversify high-quality leads.

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