Winning Together
Dent Wizard
HQ: St Louis, MO
Date of Investment: April 2015
Industry: B2B and B2C Services

Company Overview

Dent Wizard is the leader in Paintless Dent Removal (“PDR”) technology and is the largest and only national, full-service provider of automotive reconditioning services in North America.

Growth Opportunity

  • Further expand Dent Wizard by building capacity and coverage
  • Cross sell services to existing customers, acquire new customers, expand service offerings and become the acquiror of choice in a fragmented market
  • Enhance operational efficiency and margins, accelerate core channels, and enhance recruiting, hiring, and retention

Gridiron Advantage

  • Experience with prior successful B2B service provider businesses enabling Gridiron to be a value-added partner in sales, operations, and strategic planning
  • Board members with deep industry expertise, including two members of Gridiron’s BOBE and one Operating Partner, that bring extensive automotive networks and relationships and the ability to win new customers

Winning Together

  • Less than 3 years into the Dent Wizard partnership, Gridiron has helped management grow the company by over 170%
  • Strong organic growth across all channels and services
  • Entry into new adjacent channels
  • Expanded capabilities and service offerings as well as geographic footprint
  • Closed and integrated seven accretive tuck-in acquisitions

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