A Message of Unity and Respect

Dear Gridiron Employees and Extended Team,

Gridiron Capital renounces racism, hate, and prejudice in any form. We are saddened by the recent events of racism and loss of human life – they cannot be tolerated. Racism and inequality, an absence of respect for one another, and the denial of justice are all centuries old and deeply ingrained in society. Most of us see and judge others based on their merits, but we recognize that too many carry the racism in their hearts that creates conflict in the world. Our country and the world are a better place when we demonstrate mutual respect, open our hearts to one another in understanding, and serve one another despite our differences. We are strong supporters of peaceful demonstrations and a lawful society for all. Principles of honesty, teamwork, and respect are the core of Gridiron’s culture and are needed today more than ever. Human dignity for every human life regardless of color, religion, sexual orientation, or ethnicity will yield peace and progress. We are all Americans and must unite and work together for greater respect, tolerance, and love in our communities and commit to making our society better for everyone.

We recognize that change is needed to eliminate racism and inequality. At Gridiron, we are committed to listening, and acting, and will drive forward on improving our diversity and inclusion in all that we do.

With Kindness and Respect,

Tom Burger and Kevin Jackson

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