Entrepreneurial Investment Approach

  • Shared Strategic Vision

    Our investment approach recognizes that the most important component of building businesses into sustainable market leaders is people. With a broad range of complementary industry backgrounds, we, and our Board of Business Executives, devote significant time to collaborating with management teams to establish a shared business vision, set aligned goals and incentives, and execute plans that will build long-term value.

  • Hands-on Operational Expertise

    Our principals have been in the trenches and work well with management teams as peers to reach decisions with a focus on solutions. Having done this successfully on many occasions, we know how to work in partnership with management teams to support strategic, operational, financial, sales, new product development, marketing, and acquisition initiatives. Together, we build market-leading companies. Our team also makes significant personal financial commitments to each investment. Real-world experience, extensive strategic alliances and deep professional and financial commitment make Gridiron Capital a valuable partner for entrepreneurs and management teams.

  • Partnering to Build Lasting Value

    At Gridiron Capital, we bring more than capital to our portfolio companies; we support our teams from the ground up by providing additional business resources and relationships to win in competitive markets. We have walked in management’s shoes and understand how to create value.